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100g in cheap skins later.


I need more charr to go with the abundance of salad I have.

Meet Vasher Razorforge, Garths 2nd in command.

Shes a mesmer. She loves illusion magic, putting on magic shows for cubs and other younger audiences a like.

After patch looks. :U

Xaltos and Rivera we’re only two that really got new looks.

With the new traits, am actually playing ranger again, WEEEEE.



Matt Visual and Wooden Potatoes~

Love those two! :D



Princicus Lupicus (Also Sailor Moonicus)

Arah jokes.

Forgot to reblog this to my GW2 blog. I think we all know that I can never take anything seriously anymore with this game.


Solo-ing in WvW like 


Did a fractal with my new guild and no one of the last hit of Maw had a crystal, minus me. :u

Did some key farming and got a hairstyle kit. The default hairstyle was looking meh to me, so I gave her one of the new branch ones. :L