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Executioner Razorforge.


Playing Guild Wars 2…i want a Tengu Character =(


My guildies and I are up to some amazing shenanigans in LA!~


Me and 5 other Elementalists had some time to kill in Heart of the mists so we tried to summon pumpkin infinity. Credit goes to Master Ryoki, Fiery chedder Balls, Frazar Scarfire, Caskadea and Phillip Podscale.

Farming EOTM and crafting the last 28 levels. Vash is now level 80. Am really satisfied with her unlike my other 2 mesmers. <_<

I kept the glasses. Only her boots changed to the Whispers one.

Vahsers maybe look at 80. Trying to make her look gypsy-ish.

Her head and boots are probably gonna change - t3 magus ftw.

Shes a fortune teller and collector of pretty stones. Bring her a stone and she might tell you a good future, or worse one if you bring her a rock. :L

Gave Faust back his original armor he hasn’t had in months.

Gave up my key farming slot because it was boring.

Meet another thing. Amundi the Fool. Idk what about him yet.

100g in cheap skins later.


I need more charr to go with the abundance of salad I have.

Meet Vasher Razorforge, Garths 2nd in command.

Shes a mesmer. She loves illusion magic, putting on magic shows for cubs and other younger audiences a like.